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Occupational statusemployedInformation onitemseeking employmentInformation onitemstudentInformation onitemother occupational statusInformation onitemtotal
GenderType of diploma
malesall items46.819.630.72.9100
totalvocational instituteInformation onitem62.627.66.13.7100
- vocational institute for agricolture and environmentInformation onitem64.825.26.73.4100
- vocational institute for industry63.626.76.73.1100
- vocational institute for commerce and tourism58.631.46.93100
- vocational institutes for hotel and catering services6724.63.15.4100
- vocational institute for social services58.429.28.83.6100
technical institutes56.724.215.83.3100
- technical institute for agricolture61.823.912.12.3100
- technical institute for industry63.319.615.31.8100
- technical institute for aeronautical and nautical sector53.527.117.42.1100
- technical institute for commerce 53.326.615.94.2100
- technical institute for surveying53.725.317.43.6100
- technical institute for tourism57.522.5164100
- technical institute for social services59.824.312.23.7100
socio-psycho-pedagogical, communication, social sciences liceo (ex teachers training institutes)41.826.628.23.4100
- scientific liceo26.315.155.23.4100
- classical liceo22.516.158.33.1100
- linguistic liceo37.625.234.72.5100
art education45.128.3215.7100
- arts institutes51.231.311.66100
- artistic liceo40.826.127.55.6100
all items43.521.831.33.4100
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